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lesbianism_101's Journal

Girls who like Girls, plain and simple.
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Do you like girls?
No? Then you don't belong here.
Yes? Are you a girl, too?
Then come right on in.

You don't have to be dressed strange or in a particular group to be a lesbian. There is only one thing you have to do: Like girls (and be one too). You may think it's wrong to even have dreams about being in a room with other girls and think about doing sexual things with them. It's only natural: Humans are a curious creature, especially for the unknown.

I made this community for girls who like girls, but are just ordinary people after the fact. There are people who walk down the street who you wouldn't believe are lesbians until they do something like hit on you in a bar, or hold hands with their girlfriend.
This is a place for those people.

Do you live in an all-Christian family? Do you feel that being a Lesbian and going with your inner feelings is against God? Well, it isn't. (I don't know the particular scripture, but trust me, it isn't) Now, if you feel like you would be condemned by peers or family members by telling them you're gay, then don't. Trust me, just don't do it until it feels right to you. It is your decision, and if you feel insecure with the thought of telling them then don't.
BUT, if you feel like you need to tell someone, somewhere, then this is the place for you.

This is just a place for girls who like girls, closeted or not.
Join, post and find others like you and share the love!